Vanbow Technological Innovation of Chair Structure


The second half of 2021 is also a very hard time. Since last year, sea shipping fees have risen step by step like bamboo. According to the prediction of Wanbao’s partners, the high ocean shipping fees are likely to continue to the third quarter of this year because of the shortage of freight and the peak season of the industry.


Rising freight costs make the furniture industry less and less profitable, even though we know that the demand of the whole industry continues to increase. Wanbao has invested in the research and development of the new chair structure since 2017. We believe that the structure is the key to reduce the shipping cost. In the difficult time of 2021, our research made a success.


We developed a new structure for gaming chairs. Compared with the former structure, the new structure allows a container to load at least twice the number of chairs. When the freight cost is rising, Wanbao believes that the chairs with the new structure can help us grasp the rising trend of the furniture industry and maintain profits at the same time. 


If you are a wholesaler and wanna see our new structure, welcome to leave a message here.